Python, Django, Core Java, Struts, Restful api, C++


Html, Css, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON


C/C++, Nodemcu, Arduino


Java, XML


Here are some of the best projects that I have created so far in my opinion.


Automi is my final year project. It is a home automation solution based upon Internet of Things (IoT). It uses multiple sensors like LDR(Light Dependent Register) and Fingerprint Scanner.

Using automi user can remotely control home appliances like light, fan, tv etc as 'Internet of Things' devices. These devices can be controlled either by website or Android app.

Technologies :- Java, Struts, Android, C/C++

IDE :- Netbeans, Android Studio, Arduino

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Last Night Study

Initially, I created this website to upload and share question paper of different course of Punjabi University. Then slowly I started uploading my notes of different subjects of computer engineering like data mining, java, and python on the website.

In this project, I have also worked on Search Engine Optimization in order to get some traffic to the website. And today many links of this website rankeds first or in top five search result in Google. Because of it, according to Google Analytics has more than 40K views.

I also tried to develop lastnightstudy it's own search engine. So that user can search the topic inside the website and if there is a topic present related to the search, then it is shown in the search results of the website.

Technologies :- Java, Struts

IDE :- Netbeans

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I Can Upload

Icanupload is a file-sharing platform that allow a user to upload his/her files without any signup and login.

When a user uploads a file then a key is generated and if it is required to keep the data private then user can set a password on that key. User can use the same key and password to download those files.

I am also building an android app for this project which allows a user to upload files from Android app and user can download it from website and vice versa

Technologies :- Java, Struts

IDE :- Netbeans

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This project is built on the Django web framework. This is a blogging website in which the user can login and write their blogs. Users can also see blogs written by other people, search blogs, like and comment on blogs.

In this project, I used various interface and tools provided by Django like Managers interface, Forms framework, Messages framework, Pagination, Template inheritance and generate fake data using Faker package etc.

I also used ajax so that users can like, dislike and comment on a post without reloading a page.

Technologies :- Python, Django, Ajax

IDE :- PyCharm

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Know More About me

Hello my name is Neeraj Sharma. I fell in love with coding back in my Diploma college days. I started learning the basic concept of C++, JAVA and then learned HTML, CSS, JS and other important concepts. I built various web application and showcase them to my family, friend, and teacher. Having my work seen by the people is my motivation to keep learning new technologies.

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